Sunday School

To join our online Sunday School classe, contact the Sunday School Superintendent (510-562-5995)

Our Sunday School classes meet every Sunday morning at 10:30 a. m. for one hour at the same time as our church service.  Our Sunday school cherishes children teenagers..  They all learn that God is Love and that God loves them unconditionally.  Moral and spiritual values are taught based on The Bible and the teachings of Christian Science.  The younger classes work with the Ten Commandments and Sermon on the Mount and learn Bible stories.  They also learn spiritual lessons from Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.  The children are taught how to pray specifically about their day-to-day challenges.  Teenage students talk through their issues about school and work.  Visitors from diverse social and religious backgrounds are always welcome.

More Information for Sunday School Students

• The website Christian Science Youth contains information about the world-wide Christian Science youth community including interesting topics to explore online, video, audio, blog, events, chats, summits, and more.

• Go to for a youth-friendly edition of the week’s Bible Lesson including interesting and fun facts, explanations, illustrations and cartoons and you can also check out for the Bible Lesson format for electronic readers.

• Discoverybound is the name of Adventure Unlimited’s field organization providing activities for young Christian Scientists around the world. Several kids in our Sunday School have enjoyed attending Discovery Bound events. Go to: Discovery Bound website


We also have childcare available on Sunday mornings for little ones too young for Sunday School and during the Wednesdays evening meetings for small children.