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World Wide Directory of Practitioners, Nurses, Churches, Reading Rooms
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Testimonies and Articles on Healing From The Christian Science Journal & Sentinel
For testimonies and articles on healing as reported in the Christian Science Journal and Sentinel, go to:

Daily Lift
Sign-up for a 2 minute podcast given by a Christian Science lecturer on a variety of timely topics with a healing message – go to:  Or you can call in for your Daily Lift at: (617) 450-3430.

The Sentinel Radio Broadcasts
The Sentinel Radio Edition is broadcast every week on the AM Band, station KSTE 650 AM at 7:30 AM Sunday morning

Christian Science Nursing Care Facilities
Two Christian Science nursing care facilities are located in Castro Valley (Fern Lodge) and in San Francisco (Arden Wood) where a full range of Christian Science nursing is available for those who rely for healing on prayer to God as explained and practiced on Christian Science.

Christian Science Institutional Committee Work in California
The Christian Science Institutional Committee is chaplaincy work that addresses the needs of those individuals currently incarcerated in the penal system including juvenile facilities as well as at Veterans Administration hospitals and clinics. For more information, go to: Christian Science Institutional Work

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