No Loss in God’s Kingdom

I didn’t know how I would really deal with “loss” when I found out that my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. When I initially found out about her condition, I felt at a loss just hearing the news. I immediately began to focus on her beautiful spirit and the countless memories I had from a child through the present moment. It was like flipping through a Kodak camera page by page. It brought me joy and comfort instead of grief. I had no idea of the severity but I increased our talk time so I could spend time making her smile and remember moments together. She always made me smile and I was encouraged to do the same for my grandmother. During this time, her memory was fading so it was a challenge when we talked but she still carried on with much conversation whenever we talked. In a few short months she passed away. Christian Science helped me to see that her spirit has a light that lives on ever so bright. My grandmother through the years shared so much wisdom and life lessons that I hold in my heart. She’s always with me. Nothing was lost; everything was gained by knowing the Truth about God’s love and life that lives on through us forever.

(by K. S., Fremont, CA)