Healing of anger after death of a spouse

For many years after the death of my husband, I would often get angry at my husband for leaving me so early with two teenagers to raise. I would often ask “Why did you leave me with such a load?” or “I don’t know how to raise a son, having been an only child myself.” One day while listening to a Christian Science Sentinel Radio Broadcast, the speaker talked about having a similar experience with anger after the passing of her spouse. The person explained that she could not be angry with her spouse who had passed because he was the child of God and there was no way she could be angry at God. Immediately it became very clear to me that I could not be angry at God either, and therefore I could not be angry with my husband. I knew that my husband was a child of God and made in the image and likeness of God as I had learned in the Bible in Genesis chapter 1. With this, the anger completely left and has never returned.

I have shared this testimony at a Wednesday testimony meeting and a church member told me that my testimony healed her of a situation with her spouse. Another church member also said that my comments were helpful to her as she was dealing with the passing of a family member. I am so grateful for Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy and for Christ Jesus the Way-shower.

(by F. F., Oakland, CA)

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