Healing of a Cold

After being up very late working, I awoke with a croaky voice and the first symptoms of a cold. I immediately declared out loud (despite the croak), “No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You cannot enter my thought. The door is shut to error. My thought is filled with good.” I thought of Mrs. Eddy’s statement about standing porter at the door of thought:

“Reverse the case. Stand porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, you will control yourself harmoniously. When the condition is present which you say induces disease, whether it be air, exercise, heredity, contagion, or accident, then perform your office as porter, and shut out these unhealthy thoughts and fears. Exclude from mortal mind the offending errors; then the body cannot suffer from them.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 392:24-30)

I then thought of Mrs. Eddy’s directive to keep our thought filled with Truth, Life and Love:

“Beloved Christian Scientists, keep your minds so filled with Truth and Love, that sin, disease, and death cannot enter them. It is plain that nothing can be added to the mind already full. There is no door through which evil can enter, and no space for evil to fill in a mind filled with goodness. Good thoughts are an impervious armor; clad therewith you are completely shielded from the attacks of error of every sort. And not only yourselves are safe, but all whom your thoughts rest upon are thereby benefited.” (The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 210:2)

I thought of the idea that, there is no door for evil to enter, and no space for evil to occupy “…in a mind filled with goodness.”

Then I took my dogs outside, fed them and my kitties, and began my daily Christian Science treatment for myself (praying to acknowledge the allness of God, good and the nothingness of evil). That led me to research the word “Science” in Mary Baker Eddy’s writings. I then researched the word, “light”. As I thought about God as the Creator, Source, as Spirit, “…all that is good…” (see the definition of “Spirit”, S&H 594:19), I realized that there were no more symptoms of croakiness or cold. I was healed.

Praise God for His goodness! “Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!” (Ps. 107:8)

(by R.G, Oakland, CA)